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When speaking endless Sumatra Island capital city of Medan, in addition to its cultural diversity also has tourist attractions that must be visited. Medan is the capital of North Sumatra province has a diverse wealth, one of which is its natural attractions. When speaking of the North Sumatra tourism surely people would guess “Lake Toba” well Lake Toba is the largest lake in Indonesia is very well known to the International tourist destination but wait in Medan and surrounding areas are also interesting places that must be visited

Maimoon Palace Maimoon Palace is very famous because it is a relic of Empire Deli, of a one yellow palace stands majestically. Visitors can enjoy a collection of palaces from the past but still intact photo Sultan and its history, and there is luxurious sultan’s throne. To add insight about the kingdom of Deli and enjoy the feel of the past, the Maimoon Palace could be a reference to traveling and enjoying a day off just to pay Rp 5,000 only

Maimoon is one of the main attractions in Medan. The palace was built in 1888 by Sultan Ma’mun Al Rashid Perkasa Alam. Sultan Ma’mun Al Rashid governed from 1873 to 1924. This architect was design shows the building of Traditional Malay and Indian Muslims. While it’s architectural style is a combination between Indonesia, Persia and Europe. In the courtyard of the palace find blunt weapon (cannon butts) as a legend in Maimoon.

Masjid Raya, Medan
Medan icon sure Mosque Medan, which is a majestic mosque and a large Muslim house of worship. Not far from the Palace MAIMUN quite a walk of about 200 meters. Other names of Masjid Raya Medan are Mosque Mushin which was founded on 21 August 1906 and has a dome-shaped Octagonal Blanket five white and bring amazing results. This place is very easy to reach, mosques Medan located at Jl. Sisingamangaraja in Medan.

Incredible Lake Toba
Lake Toba is a lake and super Volcano Lake is along the 100 kilometers and 30 kilometers wide, and 505 meters (1,666 feet) at its deepest point. Lake Toba located in the middle of the north part of the Indonesian island of Sumatra with a surface elevation of about 900 meters (2,953 feet) from sea level. Lake Toba is a super volcanic eruption that occurred 69,000-77,000 years ago, a massive climate-changing event. The eruption is believed to have had a VEI intensity of 8. It is believed to be the largest explosive eruption anywhere on Earth in the last 25 million years. According to the Toba catastrophe theory which some anthropologists and archeologists subscribe, the global consequences, killing most humans then alive and creating a population bottleneck in Central Eastern Africa and India that affected the genetic inheritance of all humans today. This theory, however, has been much debated because there is no evidence for any other animal decline or extinction, even in environmentally sensitive species. However, has been accepted that the eruption of Toba led to a volcanic winter with a worldwide decline in temperatures between 3-5 degrees C. The weather here is cool but pleasant, but if you’re used to hot temperatures remember to bring a jacket.

Berastagi: Fresh Fruits and Vegetables, and Bustling markets
Berastagi, usually pronounced Brastagi, with an elevation of 1220m, close to Lake Toba is a small, normal busy Indonesian town. Berastagi is located 70km from Medan. It does not rely on tourism so you’ll get to see the locals getting on with their lives rather than hassling tourists to make a living. The area surrounded by fruit farm, vegetable plantation and flower growing area for North Sumatra.

There are two active volcanoes close to Berastagi. Sibayak, 2100 meters high. Climbing Sibayak is Mountain is great experience and beautiful scenery of the sunrise. The weather is cool and refreshing air to make you great experience visiting Berastagi. 12kms south of Berastagi is Kabanjahe, from where you can walk 4km to the ancient, traditional village of Lingga where the design of the houses with their horn-shaped roofs has remained unchanged for centuries.

Right next to the centre of Berastagi is Bukit Gundaling which is a hill overlooking Berastagi, Gunung Sibayak and Gunung Sinabung. At the top of the hill are some food and coffee stalls with excellent views over the town. There are also horse riding available up and down the hill. Tahura National Park is a beautiful spot for exploring the jungle. There is a good waterfall and many clear and easy paths. You will almost certainly see wildlife a short walk into the jungle, gibbons or other primates, and have a good chance of seeing a hornbill or some other exotic birds. The Park also offers rides on Elephants and horses.

40 minutes from Berastagi is the Sipiso – piso waterfall (‘like a knife’) on the northern edge of Lake Toba. The waterfall is 120m high and is formed by an underground river which flows out into the Toba caldera.

Sibayak Mountain
Karo Batak people often refer Sibayak as “Mountain King “. Sibayak means king in the Batak Karo language.Sibayak, which last erupted in 1600, is an active volcano with a height of smoke issuing up to 2 km. Clumps of smoke come from geothermal and useful as a source of electrical energy. Karo has contained a steam power plant area near Mount Sibayak. Mountain altitude was about 2,094 m above sea level. From the village Sibayak, clearly visible crater is slightly sloping conditions ( visible from the rear area of the steam power plant ) , which looks like a mountain splitting . At approximately 15:00 pm, the fog began to look around the mountain top to the bottom, and not long after, the fog began to spread to the spirit of the village of Mt . Fog conditions as these , together with the existing fog conditions at Dieng Plateau , Central Java or in Genting Highlands , Malaysia .

Crocodile Acid Beetle Field
A captive crocodile park horror is not it? Acid Beetle Crocodile Park is one place you should try if you’re in the field visit in the park because we could see thousands of alligators crocodiles in artificial bogs and also in the pools varied crocodile age until the age of 78 years

Rahmat Gallery
Ever seen animals in the collection of preserved animals from various foreign countries? Yup it can be seen in Medan Grace Gallery, a museum preserving animals known as “wild museum ” When I and my friend here is very shocked evlina meilhat animals were preserved and laid out as possible so that adds insight into the animal world . In the museum there is a collection of animal grace 1000 species . Rahmat International Wildlife Museum location at Jl . S. Parman field with grace Gallery admission price Rp 25,000 for adults .

Kampung Keling / Madras Kampung Medan
Kampung Keling or now known as Madras is the name of a village where da Yanga in Medan which has a large Indian population. Not far from the Sun Plaza Medan there is a unique temple golden brown. Indian origin and able to speak little native Tamil language.

Bukit Lawang attraction
If you love nature, try Bukit Lawang is located in the renowned Leuser park locations with the forest. We can see the forest in the hills of mace, the forests in the wild are in the woods or just look feedings monkeys. Many tourists stopped here and try roaming wild forests of Sumatra. Distance hill mace is 80 km from Medan and Binjai to get there through the city. Around the park there Lauser Bahorok river and a large bridge and the area can feel a friendly at the forest and countryside. Tangkahan is one of the sights that can be used for reference in the streets of Medan is famous for its Elephant field. Tangkahan places in cruising like a wild forest, cave bats, cubing, elephant trekking and waterfalls. Tangkahan is one of eco-tourism in Indonesia.

Tangkahan is combinations of vegetation and topography makes it a marvellous tourist spot rarely found elsewhere. The Batang Serangan and Buluh rivers, converging exactly in this zone, are typical of rainforest streams, with diverse varieties of vegetation and colorful rocks and Sumatra Elephants on their banks. The clear, bluish green river water against the panoramic view creates a mystical atmosphere. The Best season to Visit is June to October.

Sipiso – piso Waterfall
Sipiso – piso Waterfall is a natural tourism area which is located not far from the village community settlements Tongging , Sub Brand , Karo District , North Sumatra Province . Can be said, is not unlike visiting the village traveled to Sipiso – piso . Geographically, the village Tongging are in the lower plains, while Sipiso – piso Waterfall is located in the higher hills of the village Tongging. This waterfall is located at an altitude of approximately 800 meters above sea level and is surrounded by green hills covered with pine forests since

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