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Bukit Tinggi - Padang Tour Package - 3 Days 2 Nights


Welcome to Minangkabau International Airport. You will be picked up by our representative and then proceed to the Pariaman region to visit historical sites, including the tomb of Syeh Burhanudin in Ulakan Tapakis. From Tapakis, we head to the city of Pariaman, also known as Tabuik. Here, we will stop at Gondariah Beach and have lunch at a local restaurant. After lunch, we continue our journey to Lake Maninjau to enjoy the natural beauty of the lake, said to originate from the legend of Bujang Sembilan. We will also visit the Buya Hamka Museum. From Maninjau, we proceed to Lawang Peak via Kelok 44, where we'll admire the panoramic view of Lake Maninjau. In the evening, we travel to Bukit Tinggi for hotel check-in, dinner, and free time.


After breakfast, we head to Payakumbuh to visit tourist attractions such as Lembah Harau, famous for its three waterfalls and rocky hills. We'll also visit Kelok Sembilan, the largest bridge project in West Sumatra. After lunch at a local restaurant, we continue to Batu Sangkar and visit Tabek Patah village, known for its home industry producing local specialties such as Tubruk coffee and smoked bananas. In Batu Sangkar, we'll explore attractions like Istana Pagaruyung, Batu Batikam, Batuampek Angkek, and Batu Basurek. In the afternoon, we return to Bukit Tinggi and embark on a city tour to visit landmarks like Jam Gadang, Lembah Anai, Japanese Caves, Pasar Atas, and Fort de Kock. After checking in at the hotel, enjoy dinner at a local restaurant and have free time.


After breakfast and hotel check-out, we visit Padang Panjang and Minang Village, a cultural documentation center where you can learn about Minangkabau culture and try traditional attire. After lunch at a local restaurant, we proceed to Lake Singkarak, the largest lake in West Sumatra known for its Bilih fish. Then, we head to Padang for a city tour, visiting Padang Beach, the old town, Siti Nurbaya Bridge, Chinatown, and shopping for local souvenirs. The tour concludes after shopping. Thank you for choosing Asia Medan Tour & Travel. We hope you're satisfied with our services and look forward to seeing you on your next tour.


Note: Arrival at Minangkabau Airport in the morning and departure in the afternoon.



Experience the best of Bukit Tinggi and Padang with our 3 Days 2 Nights Bukit Tinggi - Padang Tour. Enjoy breathtaking views of Pariaman, Maninjau, Payakumbuh, and Batusangkar. Our tour includes transportation, accommodation, and delicious meals to ensure you make the most of your journey. Get ready to explore the beauty of Bukit Tinggi and Padang with us!


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Bukit Tinggi - Padang Tour Package - 3 Days 2 Nights

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