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Padang - Maninjau - Bukit Tinggi Tour Package - 3 Days 2 Nights


Welcome to Minangkabau International Airport. You will be greeted by our representative and then tour the city of Padang. Along the way, we will have dinner at a local restaurant and stop by the Siti Nurbaya Bridge to enjoy its beauty at night. Check-in at the hotel and free program.


After breakfast and hotel check-out, we will visit the old Teluk Bayur port, Air Manis Beach / Batu Malin Kundang, and Padang Beach, and have a taste of Es Durian. Towards noon, we will continue our journey to Anai Valley, where there is a waterfall amidst the protected forest area, precisely on the Padang-Bukit Tinggi highway. From Anai Valley, we will visit Minang Village, where you will get all the information about Minangkabau culture. Lunch will be served at a local restaurant. After lunch, we will head to the village of Pandai Sikek, famous for its handicrafts such as woven songket and wood carvings. From Pandai Sikek, we will continue to Embun Pagi village to check in at the hotel. Dinner and free program.


After breakfast and hotel check-out, our journey starts with the 44 bends to visit the historical tourist attraction, Buya Hamka Museum, where you can learn about the history of Buya Hamka. From Danau Maninjau, we will return via the 44 bends to visit Koto Gadang village, famous for its silver craftsmen. From Koto Gadang, we will head to Bukittinggi via Gred World of Koto Gadang or Jenjang Seribu. Upon arrival in Bukittinggi, we will immediately start the city tour, visiting the Japanese Caves, Fort de Kock, the Big Clock Tower, and Pasar Atas. Lunch will be served at a local restaurant. The tour ends, thank you, and we hope you are satisfied with our tour services. Warm regards from Asiamedan Tour & Travel, see you on the next tour.


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Note: Arrival is scheduled in the late afternoon at Minangkabau airport and departure is in the late afternoon as well.



Experience the beauty of Padang, Maninjau, and Bukit Tinggi in just 3 Days 2 Nights with our Padang - Maninjau - Bukit Tinggi Tour Package - 3 Days 2 Nights. Enjoy the stunning view of Anai Valley, the traditional culture of the local people, and the breathtaking scenery of Lake Maninjau, all guided by our experienced tour guide. Book our Padang - Maninjau - Bukit Tinggi 3 Days 2 Nights Tour to have the best trip to West Sumatra.


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Padang - Maninjau - Bukit Tinggi Tour Package - 3 Days 2 Nights

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